travel Taiwan: EasyCard / iPass

What's EasyCard / iPass?

It's a reusable ticket in Taiwan. You can use it for Taipei Metro, bus services, designated car parks, stores and government agencies.

What's the difference between EasyCard and iPass?
They have the same function, just different names from 2 companies. EasyCard is earlier than iPass so that more service supported it.

Where to buy?

(1) information of MRT
(2) convenient store like 7-11, Family, Hi-life

How much?

Every card costs NTD100. Besides, you need to deposit some money for paying your fare. The maximan is NTD10,000.

You can find machine in front of the entrance of MRT or just tell the clerk of convenient store how much you want to top up.

Why it's convenient?


The only 2 cities with MRT systems are Taipei or Kaohsiung. Taipei is the capital city in the north part of Taiwan and Kaohsiung is the central southern part. The fare depends on distance. You will be charge from NTD15 to NTD60 as usual.


Taiwan is surrounded by the sea. You can take different trains to travel around this beautiful island with EasyCard. And the most important is that you can get 10% discount when you move from A to B under 70 km.※Few trains such as Puyuma, Taroko and tourist train only allow paper ticket.


You can take a bus to somewhere without MRT or far from main station. The fare also depends on how many stations you will pass by. (distance) For example, it costs from NTD15 in Taipei. Only when you across from 2 cities, you might be charged 2 times.
※Discount: if passenger transfer between MRT and bus in one hour, the fare of the 2nd transportation costs half price only


When you arrive a city and want to visit it slowly, you can try ubike! There're 6 cities offer ubike service in Taiwan. You can rent a bike at place A and return it at place B. Very convenient!

5.Pay to store

In Taiwan, convenient stores are everywhere. You can pay by EasyCard / iPass especially sometimes we don't have cash in the wallet. Just touch and go!

For all the reasons, when you visit Taiwan, that will be great if you use EasyCard or iPass. It could save your time of buying ticket and money. Next time I'll introduce the detail about every transportation, see you then!

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