What I learnt from Philippines

2 days ago there was a presentation about my Philippines experience and ready to share to other Taiwanese. Before this date coming, I felt excited and revised the content many times. The only one purpose is giving different opinions to the audiences during 1.5 hours

Why I went to Cebu for 3 months?
(1) have a vacation after tiring work
(2) make new friends from other countries
(3) studying English

After coming back to Taiwan, I already got more than the above. For example, I'm full of energy to face reality and act immediately with positive attitude when I get idea. Suddenly I realize this experience changed me a lot and maybe it should be shared to others.

What I learnt from Philippines?

(1)Family first

All of the Filipinos I met there have very strong connection with their family even though they live far away with each other. One of my friend said her father already not came home in 2 years, she felt happy they could celebrate Christmas together this time.

Honestly, I can't imagine this situation happened on me because I'm not close to my family  even we live together. As I know, 50% Taiwanese are just like me. Some of us work hard for going abroad and never want to come back. That’s why we were described “selfish” by the elder.

(2)Life is tough, but still can find way to live happier

If we compare the average of salary and the environment between these 2 countries, perhaps TW is better than PH. It seems we should feel satisfied with life quality. But most Taiwanese still complaint everyday especially living price is getting higher without raising salary.

On the other hand, Filipinos look happier than Taiwanese. They know:

"There's always something not good enough in our lives which will make us down. Pain is just a part of life and no need to focus on it too much. We still have to face many parts." 
and do it well.

Every country has different problems not only TW or PH. The Average Joe couldn’t decide policies but think it positive and do something to improve our surroundings. Not only complaint!

(3)Nothing is deserved

In Taiwan, we already have many high-quality service in our daily life such as :
  • 24-7 convenient stores and coffee shops with WiFi everywhere
  • good public transportation like bus, train, MRT, high speed train, etc.
    you can check all of their arrived/departed time or book tickets by mobile App
  • easy to find post offices
    some of them even open on weekend time
  • convenient online system
    when you want to apply passport/Visa/pay tax/...
    only need to fill out the form and click few bottoms through internet
Too many to count. We always consider these services are deserved because they already existed for long term. In fact, not every place like here. We should be thankful and realize there’s still large space to improve at the same time. So don’t be opinionated.

(4)Should use more positive sentences

A lot Taiwanese are depressive because our parents usually use negative sentences like "you can't", "you shouldn't", "don't do this" to us when we was children. Therefore, we are afraid to make mistakes or to do action for our right/dream sometimes.

But Filipinos prefer to use positive words. I think it’s better. To encourage others more instead of looking someone down is good for our inner health.

(5)Versatile Filipinos

I spent my time on Helloween and saw creative decoration by lovely teachers. They use simple materials to make realistic scenes. They're artists. It also happened on Christmas, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day.

Besides, most Filipinos have very good voice in singing!! (Fortunately, I could hear in person.) They love singing and dancing after tiring work. It's fun.

(6)The power of young generation is coming

Young people want to change their life. This situation happens in the whole world but I worry about Taiwan is too old to follow up.

In PH, more than 50% people are less than 25 years old. I believe that will change PH itself as well as enhance the influence among other countries, especially in Asia. Not easy but possible.

For those reasons, I will always remind myself “keep learning or be left behind”.

The weather wasn't good at that night. So I was appreciated there were still some people coming. Hope you brought something useful from here.

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