Riding in Taipei

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At the beginning of 2017, I was riding in Da-dao-cheng old district of  Taipei City. What a wonderful day!

Taipei is a capital city of Taiwan. Many convenient equipment and service you can find here including renting bike.
We can use EasyCard to borrow a bike which called U-bike I used in my video.


What's EasyCard?
It is a 'touch-and-go' IC ticketing system for the Taipei Metro, bus services, designated car parks, stores and government agencies. Every card costs NTD.100 and you need to deposit some money for paying when you use public transportation including U-bike.

Where to buy EasyCard?
(1) information in front of MRT
(2) convenient store like 7-11, Family, Hi-life

How to rent U-bike?
※ You must have Taiwan mobile phone number
(1) register member (find machine near rental station or download App)
(2) scan your EasyCard (step by step↓)

How to rent U-bike?

How much to rent? (not expensive)
NTD.10 per 30min within the first 4 hours.
NTD.20 per 30min between 4 to 8 hours.
NTD.40 per 30min exceeding 8 hours.

There're hundreds rental stations in Taipei. It's usually setted near the exit of MRT/train station and landmarks. Very easy to find even you can check more information with App. Then you will know the position of rental station and how many bike are available.

U-bike official website
▶Download U-bike App: just search "ubike" on your Google Play/App store